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Over the last few decades I have been asked to paint hundreds, if not thousands, of private commissions and hope that most of my clients are not too scarred with the way I have portrayed them.

However, I do remember arriving at an Officers Mess in Germany and being warned by a senior ‘living in’ Major that he was “not fat nor pompous”. Big mistake; Huge… He was both and that’s how I drew him. He wasn’t happy but thirty three other officers were. As a cartoonist, I have of course sworn the Hippocritical oath but sometimes the pen just does not lie.

I have stopped doing the large regimental cartoons these days (just too much work) but enjoy doing individuals and small groups like shoots where I can really get to know the ‘victims’. I don’t like to work from photographs as all I can do is reproduce what they show me so doing surprises does require some proper homework.

As each commission is hand tailored and crafted, I can’t give a general rate but will need to chat through your thoughts before offering a quote and estimated delivery date.

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